SharkEye BigEye 4 Wheel Laser Aligner - BE4WLA

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The SharkEye BigEye is the ultimate in Car & LCV laser Wheel Aligners. The concept is taken from our class leading Zubra Truck multi-axle aligner to enable precise interaxle alignment. Or in other-words, making sure the rear wheels are parallel with the fronts.  

The BigEye is the only laser aligner on the Global market (until copied) that offers this unique and simple way of completely aligning a vehicles axlesIt can also be used as a standard laser 4 wheel laser aligner. Like all SharkEye products the BigEye is handmade in Sheffield, England and wont break the bank.

BigEye comes with SharkEye PREMIUM Accessory Pack No5. which includes:

  • 2 x Dished Turnplates
  • Premium Steering Wheel Clamp
  • Premium Brake Pedal Depressor Tool
  • Steering Wheel Levelling Tool


  • Calibration Rig (for self-calibration)
  • 6 x 40mm Rim Button Extensions

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