SharkEye Wheel Aligner Charger Upgrade

SharkEye, the UK’s leading manufacturer of wheel aligners, has modified the battery charging mechanism on all its products to make life easier for its customers. 

It made this improvement after problems with its direct-current charging system: the pin on the charging port kept getting pushed in or bent with heavy use. 

Every SharkEye aligner is now fitted with pogo-pin magnetic connectors. These cling on to the aligners’ charging ports with minimal fuss and reduced risk of components breaking. 

Carl Gibson, managing director of SharkEye Wheel Aligners UK, said: “This is a small but very important change to our products based specifically on customer feedback. The beauty of these magnetic chargers is their simplicity: one end of the cable plugs into a USB port, the other clings on to the charging port with a magnet. Easy-peasy, very hard to break and you can continue using the aligner as it charges.” 

Customers with old charging systems on their wheel aligners can get in touch with SharkEye to arrange a competitively priced upgrade.  


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