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Wheel aligners that are accurate, reliable and robust. Measure alignment in millimetres and degrees. SharkEye offers free global shipping on all of our Wheel Aligners. Special offers on all Wheel Aligners exported to The United States of America.
Truck laser wheel aligners, wheel alignment tools for used by professionals globally, accurate, reliable, ideal for trucks navigating The United States of America. Our wheel alignment gauges resolve all the issues relating to Toe, Camber and Caster,.
Sharkeye wheel aligners have achieved five star reviews on Trust Pilot. Wheel aligners designed in Sheffield, England are high quality, high performance and versatile tools for wheel alignment. We export globally, including the United States of America.
The ultimate in computer wheel alignment technology providing fast and accurate results for wheel alignment professionals around globally. SharkEye computerised wheel aligners are updated with the latest computer technology in wheel alignment.
Wheel aligners that are accurate and easy to use, reliable and robust. SharkEye wheel aligners are designed by professionals for professional mechanics in the automative trade. Profitable, reliable proposition for dealers and tradesmen for car and trucks.
SharkEye offer free global shipping on all Wheel Aligners.
Free Shipping

On All Wheel Aligners

Laser wheel aligners come with a ten year warranty. Computer wheel aligners come with a three year warranty. Accessories come with a one year warranty. Calibration covered.
10 Year Warranty

On all Laser Wheel Aligners

Laser and computerised wheel aligners have a guarantee and are full supported by our 24 hour technical support team. Team SharkEye will ensure one hundred percent customer satisfaction.
Full Product Support

From our Technical Team

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