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SharkEye Falcon LC4WLA - Laser 4 Wheel Aligner. Car & Van


The SharkEye Falcon LC4WLA is our entry level 4 wheel laser aligner. 

The business end of the Falcon is exactly the same as all the other Car 4 wheel laser aligners by SharkEye, (the Hawk & the Eagle). What differs is a space saving wall bracket and basic accessories, and obviously price... 

The Falcon the perfect alternative if you want all the professional benefits of SharkEye 4 wheeler but are limited for space and Budget conscience.  

However, with minimal moving parts, no wires, pin sharp laser images & rechargeable batteries the Falcon all adds up to one seriously versatile Wheel Aligner. Actually, It has no equal or rival in build quality, design & global pricing. 

But best of all, It'll make you money. Shed loads to be honest. Basically whatever you spent on it, it'll repay you that week in week out, year on year, decade on decade.

Like all our Aligners, it's quick, it’s simple to use, it's well priced and it's built to last. SharkEye is the Global Wheel Aligner of choice. 


Model Number: Falcon LC4WLA

Comes with:

  • 2 x Laser Wheel Alignment Gauges
  • 1 x Vertical Wall Mounted Hanger
  • 2 x Rear Flags
  • 1 x Integrated Charger
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

Set-up and installation 

  • Instruction manual 
  • Set-up video