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8CCD Computerised Wheel Aligner BRUTA - HGV Truck

8CCD Computerised Wheel Aligner BRUTA - HGV Truck

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Our 8CCD Truck Aligner will give the same results as competitors' systems that are literally double the price.

It's perfect for businesses that want the benefit of easily updated vehicle databases, electronic and manual. It also gives live readings and technical prompts for those tricky jobs.

Computerised Alignment is the jump up from laser alignment because it allows you to charge a premium for your alignment service, simply because you are able to provide the customer with a printout showing the 'before' and 'after' readings. Great for professional workshops and bodyshops.

Best of all, as it’s a SharkEye and made in Yorkshire and built to Last.


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  • 3 year Warranty when purchased through this website or direct by telephone 
Model Number: 8CCDA - Truck